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“Sarge was born July 1, 2009. We welcomed her into our family when she was 3 months old. A perfect fit. We needed her as much as she needed us. Sarge grew to be a very empathetic, loving, happy dog. She also loved to cuddle and she loved to give hughs. A Sarge hug truly made a person feel special. Sarge enjoyed car rides, visiting family, friends, and going to church. She attended some special services I was able to taker her to. Was easy to see she loved it.

We did the Lions Foundation of Canada Guide dog walk every May. Sarge took to this like it was her job. She knew the route and had to be the leader every year. Over 7 years, Sarge helped us raise 8 738.00 for this charity.

Cancer took Sarge from us March 15, 2019. Ray and I decided to honour her memory by sponsoring a hearing Guide Dog through Lions Foundation of Canada.

This sponsorship will be paid over 3 years, and the money is used to raise and train a pup to be a hearing assistant guide dog. Once the dog has completed training and is placed with its handler, Ray and I will be invited to the graduation ceremony. At this ceremony, the dog will be renamed "Sarge"

Sarge's SOUL Legacy will continue to support Guide Dogs of Canada and The Lutheran Church of Our Saviour for many years to come.”

--Beth Gendron, founder, Veteran Knits